Apple has posted a 360 degree panoramic view of its latest Apple Store which can be found at the famous Grand Central Station in New York. What is so special about this particular photograph is that it is only visible on an iOS device and you can look right around it using your devices built in gyroscope.

To see the picture, you will need to visit the Grand Central Apple's store page from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Select view more photographs and you will see a list of pictures on the right, at the very bottom is one marked 360. Click on it and the picture will open and you will then be able to look around by holding your device and turning around as if you where actually standing on the spot.

To see the picture in all its glory using the gyroscope features, you must have an iPhone 4, 4S, iPad 2 or iPod touch 4th Generation; as these are the only models with the gyroscope hardware. This is the first time that Apple has used this type of image on its store pages; it will be interesting to see if it adds similar images to its other stores too.

Source: TNW