The iPhone hacking community has been hard at work recently, and there are a lot of updates to sort through. First off, the iPhone ramdisks have been decrypted, and the same goes for the iPod Touch. This means that programmers can look at the update for both processors and sort through exactly what Apple is doing with their software. It should mean that free unlocks for the iPhone 1.1.1 firmware should be on the way shortly, and anyone that wants to install applications on their iPod Touch shouldn't have long to wait either.


p> Meanwhile, the folks of iPhoneSimFree announced that their software can be used to unbrick bricked iPhones. Anyone who used AnySIM or iUnlock to unlock their iPhone ended up with some corrupt information in the baseband radio that left it in an unusable state. iPhoneSimFree announced that SimFree v1.6 can be used to restore the baseband radio to a working state regardless of which unlocking sofware they used:

Steps for "un-bricking" your anySim or iUnock iPhones:
  1. Follow the iPhone/iTouch dev team steps to bring your phone back to 1.0.2 system (your baseband firmware will still be the newer 04.01.13_G)
  2. Register your true IMEI (found engraved on the back of your phone) with our servers through one of our trusted resellers.
  3. Power down your phone and REMOVE your sim
  4. Power up with the sim removed and Install SimFree.app 1.6 (simplest method is through apptapp installer, see post below)
  5. Follow this tutorial to execute the Simfree.app.

Of course, iPhoneSimFree can also be used to unlock iPhones that are running 1.1.1 as well. If you'd rather save the money on unbricking your iPhone, the iPhone "Elite" crew posted a long set of instructions that you can use to restore your iPhone back to working unlocked order in 1.0.2. The instructions have you unlock with Anysim v1.02, so if I understand things correctly, you'll end up in the same situation as before if you update to 1.1.1. There are a few extra steps to return your iPhone back to factory state, and they report that a software program is in the works that will automate the lengthy and technical process.