This time last week Dieter was holding the line in Rhode Island, Chad was laying the video smack down in Ohio, Brian was too busy getting him some apps to even say where he was, and Casey was waiting for the lines to die down (good luck with that!)

Now it's one week later and what's going on? Well, thanks to Cherryhead25 (via Engadget) we know that the up-again/down-again FREE iPhone 3G AT&T WiFI access is currently up again.

That is, if you can find an iPhone 3G to buy! Seems Apple Insider has found yet another leaked AT&T memo that hints at major supply shortages in the US (welcome to the rest of the world!), leading to back-orders of 10 to 14 days.

Frequent Apple analyst Gene Munster, told Computerworld (via Ars Technica) the shortages might last a month!

"I bet we'll see these problems for another two to four weeks. Early demand has been more than they expected [because] they knocked it out of the park on the first weekend. "There were outages last year, but not to this extent. This is a more sustained outage [than last year's], and the demand seems to be sustained."

So the continued line ups would have us believe. And the hardest to find model? Nope, not the white one sported by Dieter or Chad! The 16GB iPhone Black... Wonder who got me one of those? :)