iOS 4.2 for iPhone supports a technology known as Network Controlled Fast Dormancy which enables the cell network and the handset to work together to create the best conditions for smartphones to work quickly yet have a longer battery life, and minimize network congestion.

Interestingly, it is Nokia Siemens Networks and not Apple that has brought this to everyone’s attention. Nokia Siemens Networks has posted the news on its own blog page.

Tests by Nokia Siemens Networks have shown that iPhone iOs 4.2  supports a technology called Network Controlled Fast Dormancy. To overcome the problem Nokia Siemens Networks introduced a method that, instead of putting the handset into idle or keeping it always active, keeps the handset in an intermediate state. From here, a smartphone can wake up much more quickly and needs to send far fewer signals to and from the network to start a data connection. You get a fast network response and longer battery life.

As Nokia Siemens Networks point out, this technology is a good thing for the user and the actual network. Users gobble up less data and get a better overall experience; especially battery life. The network receives less demand and can provide a better service to its users.

So have any of our readers noticed any improvement in data retrieval times and more importantly battery life since updating to iOS 4.2? Let us know in the comments.

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