HTML5 Showcase

A new reports suggest that 54% of all video online is now HTML5 compatible (mostly H.264), which means it's iPad, iPhone and iPod touch compatible as well. Here are some of the discoveries from MeFeedia:

  • 54% of web video is now available for playback in HTML5, with H.264 being the dominant video format. Mobile is driving HTML5 video adoption. HTML5 video is the most common format for mobiles, including iPhone and iPad.
  • Publishers and platforms now offer iframe embeds, allowing them to switch players dynamically depending on the access device.
  • Alongside mobile growth, we expect that most video sites will follow this trend.

This is awesome news for iOS users, and signals a dramatic shift in online video playback from just 10% penetration in January of this year. Looking at the numbers a bit further, HTML5 video has more than doubled in numbers since May at just 26%, and further suggests a rapidly growing trend of major online outlets integrating HTML5 video into their sites.

Although Flash is still the dominant video playback method, could HTML5 video soon be overtaking Adobe in the streaming video space, and will it be driven mostly by iOS devices? Daring Fireball points to an interview between Robert Scoble and Starbucks CIO Stephen Gillett, where Starbucks chose to go HTML5 rather than Flash simply to support iOS devices.

Does knowing this make you miss Flash on the iPhone any less, or do you still want your Flash video and want it now?


by Andrew Wray