It's a holiday weekend for many of us, so here's the question -- are you using your iPhone, iPod, or iPad? For some, this is a deeply religious time and electronics or simply distractions have no place in it. For others, it's just a few extra days off work or school and they'll be spent browsing and gaming even more than usual. Even in religious families, traditionalists might eschew using any gadgets this weekend while modernists might use them to enhance their observances. Even in non-religious families, together time might mean no-gadgets allowed, while for others gadgets might be family entertainment for all. iMore is a technology site and an iOS enthusiast site and we're lucky to have a really rich, really diverse community of users. There are no right or wrong answers here (unless you tell us the iPads are going away so the JooJooPads can come out!). We're just curious to find out how you're spending your Easter, Passover, or long weekend?

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