iPhone 3GS Hero

So you were nice enough for Santa to leave a shiny new iPhone 3GS or iPod touch G3 in your stocking, and it's unwrapped and charged and... you need to know what to do next?! Relax, TiPb's got you covered. Here are some helpful tips and tricks, apps and accessories, and reviews and overviews to get new users on their way. (Or, if you're already a pro, to send to those new users who would otherwise be bugging you all morning for help).

Know Your iPhone (or iPod!)

There's a lot you can do with an iPhone or iPod touch. More than often meets the eye. If you're having trouble figuring out all the features (or just having trouble!), here's where to start:

ABCs -- Apps, Bluetooth, and Cases

Got your iPhone or iPod touch sorted? Good, now get it tricked out. Whether you want to keep it safe, talk it up, or just figure out those 100,000 apps, we've got a guide for that:

Finally, the Forums

Need personalized help? A place to talk about your new iPhone or iPod with newcomers and old pros alike? Or just want to check out the best smartphone community on the internet? Dive in, the chat is fine:

Now enjoy your new gear, and happy holidays to you and all of yours!