The For iPhone Lens for the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 4 comes with a tripod, a holder, a case, and large zoom lens that can take your photos all up close and personal.

Assembly is easy and the results are good. It's not priced in the thousands like Nikon or Canon lenses, so set your expectations according, but it does exactly what it claims -- adds an 8x optical zoom to your iPhone photography.

I tried it out on both an iPhone 4 and and iPhone 4S. Both take good photos and the iPhone 4S takes great photos for a phone, but the built in digital zoom is... really not great. So, my primary concern here was for something affordable that handled optical zoom but otherwise got out of the way and let the iPhone camera do the heavy lifting. And that's what I got.

If you don't want to lug around a DSLR or even a pocket camera, but still want something to help you take pictures of your kids soccer game, your favorite band in concert, your special someone accepting an award, wild life on your nature walk, or anything else you need to get a closer look at but just can't get closer to, the For iPhone Lens is definitely something to consider.

Source: Photojojo

For iPhone Lens for iPhone 4S and iPhone 4