iPhone 6 to support LTE in 2012 via Qualcomm MDM9615?

Digitimes rumormongers that Apple expected to launch an 4G LTE powered "iPhone 4S" (sigh) this year (double sigh) but has had to push it back to 2012 due to problems with the Qualcomm chipsets.

Apple is likely to delay the launch of its LTE-enabled iPhones to 2012, said the sources, noting that the industry had also long been skeptical about the launch of LTE iPhones in 2011 as the implementation of LTE networks has not yet matured.

Of course, Apple wasn't expected to ship an LTE iPhone in 2011, as they themselves have expressed -- justifiable -- concerns over battery life in current generation chipsets, and the proper Qualcomm radio isn't expected to be available until iPhone 6 in 2012 anyway.

The 5th generation iPhone is expected to be announced and shipped sometime in the September/October timeframe in the US, though why on Jobs' green earth would they call it iPhone 4S when it's the 5th generation iPhone? (iPhone 3GS was the 3rd generation iPhone, a problem that needed fixing because they called the 2nd generation iPhone, iPhone 3G.)

So, yeah, let's take that bit with a China sized grain of salt. What's more interesting, and hopefully likely, is the second part -- that it will boast an 8mp rear camera. Let's hope that's matched up with a new FaceTime HD up front.