What do you get if you take an iPhone, a mini fridge, some compressed air and a clever guy to mash it all together? A beer firing, iPhone controlled mini fridge, that’s what. Personalbeerrobot has posted a YouTube video showing this crazily brilliant invention in action. The fridge is controlled via a web app on the iPhone and it allows you to control the temperature that you are storing the beer at as well as select between four different brands.

Once the beer has been selected, you then switch to the canon cam, this is a video camera which shows you where the fridge will shoot the beer can to. You can aim using the iPhone screen, hit fire and then hopefully catch the flying beer. So there you go, instant beer delivery to your favorite armchair without you moving a muscle, perfect. The system even has the facility to submit a video of your beer can flying hopefully into your hands directly to twitter.

Personalbeerrobot is already working on some updates, like crosshairs to show more clearly where the beer will land along with a timer function. You can follow his progress @MyBeerRobot.

So if and when these go into production, whose first in line for one?