Heh. Internet Explorer, for reasons unfathomable to any modern web designer, still rules the desktop with a massive, if waning browser share. In the mobile space, however, things they are a different.

Net Applications (via CNet) is reporting that the iPhone owns 66.61% share, which compare to Java2ME (RIM's OS) 9.06% and WinPho's 6.91%, Android and Symbian's 6.15% each, and Palm's 2.37% and the assorted others' at 2.75%.

No doubt rivals will gain share as the overall market increases, and new products like the Palm Pre hit. What's interesting, however, is that the WebKit engine beneath Safari is also powering Android's Chome Lite and will also be powering the Palm Pre, making WebKit's share of the market extra impressive...

It should also be noted that, when looking at these numbers, even with 16+ million iPhones on the market, the sheer usability of Mobile Safari has to be factored in. Simply put, on many platforms the browsers are still crippled from a rendering standpoint, and frustrating from a interaction standpoint. Make it usable and people will use it, who'd a thunk it?

No doubt other platforms will be addressing this in future updates... but will it be enough to catch Apple's lead?

(Thanks to Phil from sibling site WMExperts for sharing!)