The especially awesome Phil Nickinson from Android Central went hands on with the Android powered Samsung Vitality on Cricket, and I have to say I liked what he saw quite a bit -- namely:

As you'll see in the video above, Muve is an easy-to-use music service. But what really makes it shine is that Cricket's made the billing process as simple as can be. Actually, there is no billing. No per-song fee. You pay $65 a month for unlimited voice calls. And unlimited data. And unlimited Muve Music. And for our money, it doesn't get much better than that.

Now TiPb's heard going back to WWDC 2011 that Apple has an iPhone nano (or budget iPhone) type device pretty much done and ready to go, and TiPb's since heard that it may not be getting the traditional plans on traditional carriers either (or at least that we might be surprised where it ends up.)

A stripped down, low cost iPhone is one thing when it still requires $100+ on monthly voice and data charges, but a low cost iPhone with a low cost plan like $65 a month to go with it? Super. Sweet.

Apple doesn't compete in the bargain basement computer business. They kick it in the head with something like iPad or the new MacBook Air. But Apple does compete in the lower end MP3 player market with iPod shuffle and iPod nano, so they do understand the market for smaller, less expensive consumer electronics that still tie (not going to say seamlessly!) into their ecosystem.

Whether they ultimately pull the trigger on this, only Tim Cook now knows for sure, but again -- inexpensive iPhone nano with a cheap $65 all-you-can eat service plan? That'll bring a lot of young, mainstream more price sensitive, first phone and feature phone users into the Apple fold, wouldn't it?

Check out Phil's full hand's on via the link below and then come back and tell me what you think -- will we get an iPhone nano version of this deal?

[Android Central]

Could we get an iPhone nano like the Cricket Android Vitality?