iPhone Nano Concept

A week ago we linked to a story that brought fresh iPhone Nano rumors to the foreground. Today those rumors are picking up a tiny bit of speed. Seems the folks who brought us leaked iPhone 3G and 4th gen iPod Nano cases are listing an iPhone Nano case.

Of course, an iPhone Nano presents certain problems. Would Apple just stuff a standard 320x480 iPhone screen into a tighter package, like the iPod Nano? (Or BlackBerry Bold for that matter). They'd need to do something to avoid fracturing the mobile WiFi platform they've taken so much trouble to establish. And capacitive touch screens, for all their responsiveness, require beefy enough targets to hit with a finger. Would certain features be cut that just couldn't scale down effectively? Or would this truly be phone-and-iPod only (see mock up, above), leaving the "breakthrough internet device" space for the full featured, full sized model?

But we're getting ahead of ourselves. Could just be the lack of Macworld hype making the intertubes all crazy. Macrumors, for their part, says:

To add more uncertainty into the mix, we've heard that some of Apple's initial plans for Macworld may have been delayed. So, even if an iPhone Nano was originally in the works, we're not sure when we'd actually see one.

At a special event, on Apple's schedule, on Apple's terms, with Steve Jobs on a stage maybe?