iPhone was to originally be named iPad, Ive and Jobs were

Ken Segall, an ex-Apple marketing director currently on tour for his book on Apple and Steve Jobs , revealed a few interesting anecdotes about his time with the late luminary. We had already heard from Segall about Jobs'... interesting plan to dress up as Willy Wonka and give a tour of Apple to whoever found a golden ticket with their iMac, but Segall had a lot to say about the naming process. Apparently Jobs originally hated the name "iMac", which was suggested by Segall; Jobs actually wanted "MacMan", which was originally pitched by Phil Schiller. Other names that were in the running included "EveryMac" and "MiniMac".  As for Apple's mobile offerings, we already know that Apple had worked on a tablet computer before they made a smartphone, so it's no surprise to hear that the iPhone was originally going to be called the iPad, though from what we've previously heard the name "Safari Pad" was also possible.

What's really interesting is Segall's commentary on the relationship between head designer Jony Ive and Steve Jobs. He said they were "inseparable" and "as close as lovers." Still, the pair had one explosive argument over which colors of iMacs to release after the Bondi Blue model was released in 1998, which ultimately resulted in Ive storming out.

Ive and Jobs were already known to be really close, but it certainly casts the relationship in a different light when they're described to have been "as close as lovers". I'm tempted to think that Segall is taking a bit of creative liberty, but from what we heard of Tim Cook's behaviour in comparison to Jobs, Apple's co-founder was definitely prone to picking favorites.

I'm sure Segall's book, Insanely Simple: The Obssession That Drives Apple's Success, is chock-full of stories like this. You can pick it up at the link below.

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Source: PC Advisor