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Ars Technica brings word that Australia may just be giving Singapore, the Netherlands, and Mexico a run for their international money in the great race towards the 7th official iPhone launch.

If rumors are to be believed, resellers have been told to say g'day to an UNLOCKED 3G iPhone down-under come the end of June. This would bring our current score to:

Europe North Am. South Am Asia Africa Oceania Antarctica
5 1 0 0 0 1? 0

Without an Apple retail presence or strong carrier-branded stores, resellers are said to be key in getting the device out to market in Oz, and Apple COO, Tim Cook did say they would be open to different business models, but UNLOCKED?! And 3G in June?

Personally, I hope this is true as unlocked may be the only way we'll get an iPhone in Canada any time soon (though 3G will do little good if it's $1K a month...), but I'm taking this with a kangaroo-sized grain of salt for now... What do you think?