Remember those long hot summer days, back in your childhood, when the musical sounds of an ice cream truck pulling into your neighborhood sent you bolting out the door and running into the street, painting the sidewalk with your saliva along the way? Well prepare to feed your inner child another tasty treat. Tiny Code, the site behind repositories (yes, THAT has apparently leaked information regarding Apple's upcoming iPhone SDK, claiming that it was working with Apple to develop said SDK, no less.

The site, which went down soon after exposing its alliance with Apple, now redirects to Apple's developer website. Huh, you say? Yeah, that was my reaction as well. But let's be honest here; the iPhone jailbreaking /hacking community has been so creative in implementing application development and integration, is it any wonder Apple may have to chosen to use this as a base for its own framework? Makes sense to me. As the saying goes... "Always dance with the one who brung you."