iPhone shipments surpass BlackBerry in Canada

RIM is losing grip on its own turf, as Apple has surpassed iPhone shipments compared to BlackBerry in Canada, according to recent IDC data. Current estimates place RIM's 2011 sales in Canada at 2.08 million, versus the 2.85 million iPhones sold in the Great White North. Considering in 2008 BlackBerry out-sold iPhone 5-to-1, this is a pretty big change and a major symbolic victory for Apple. Meanwhile, U.S. sales revenue are down 45%, which, combined with the 23% drop in Canada, resulted in a global revenue dip of 5.9%. Of course, RIM is still doing reasonably well elsewhere in the world, but a hit like that just about cancels out any momentum BlackBerry has internationally.

As a Canadian and a guy who still uses a BlackBerry, it's a little sad to see RIM slipping, but they're simply taking way too long to get their next-gen devices out the door. The new CEO, Thorsten Heins, seems set on getting products shipped on time and improving the marketing message, but even ardent BlackBerry loyalists have been waiting for things to pick up for awhile now; it's no surprise to see market share starting to slip.

Any BlackBerry expatriates in the house? Canadians, how do you feel about the home team losing ground?

Source: Bloomberg