Wow. Just... wow. It's a mobilewhack day, apparently. They found this video of a person demoing a SonicSIM card 1.0, which shows a person doing some SIM hackery on a jailbroken iPhone. Their method involves cutting the gold parts of your normal SIM card and putting them into a different shell which you then put into your iPhone. It may or may not be legitimate, I don't really know and can't really tell. Here's why:

  1. I know nothing about SIM hacking.
  2. While I know nothing, I recall that some folks had luck reprogramming TurboSIM cards back in the day, which proved to be an efficient method of using the iPhone on a different carrier with a few caveats.
  3. but the TurboSIM method involved actually programming a SIM card
  4. They don't do themselves a favor by turning their instructional video into a demo of them playing SuperContra on the GameBoy emulator.
  5. It kind of sounds like it might be one of the guys from Gabe and Max.