Update: TiPb contacted Sirius XM regarding the omission on some of their most popular content within

If you've been waiting for this application I'm sure you are well aware of the history leading up to it's release. Well, TiPb is here to tell you that you can finally wave hello to the long awaited Sirius XM streaming application. [iTunes Link] The application is free to download and there are a few monthly payment options available to you:


blockquote>Streaming to iPhone and iPod Touch is FREE with a paid Premium SIRIUS Internet Radio or Premium XM Radio Online subscription. You can also sample great SIRIUS & XM content with a FREE TRIAL. Visit for more details.

Now the bad news for all of the Stern fans out there, you can not listen to the Stern show on the go! If that is not a kick below the belt I don't know what is...


blockquote>Some select programming, including MLB® Play-by-Play, NFL Play-by-Play, SIRIUS NASCAR® Radio, and Howard Stern, will not be available on the iPhone and iPod touch. Listeners will continue to be able to access that programming through the platforms they are currently offered on.

I don't know about you, but I'm keeping my $2.99 a month.

[Ed: If by some stretch you're still interested, check out Jeff Scott's write up over at 148Apps]

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