Photo Stream - Apple TV

A stolen iPhone is helping its owner close the net on the thief thanks to Apple's iCloud Photo Stream. We assume that Find My iPhone was either not enabled, or was disabled by the thief, but it seems the thief was unaware that Photo Stream was running and cataloging every photograph

Katy McCaffrey had her iPhone stolen on a cruise ship last month. She had lost hope in recovering her smartphone, but then photos started showing up in her Photo Stream. The handy iCloud service automatically uploads photos taken on an iOS device to a feed that can be viewed on other authenticated devices.

Photo Stream started to reveal some interesting information about the person that had her iPhone. It turns out he is an employee of the Disney Cruise Line that she was on vacation with when the phone went missing. The man named Nelson took pictures of his pregnant girlfriend who also works aboard the same ship as well as drinking buddies and some nice sunset shots. Kate set up a Facebook Album and publicly displayed all the pictures from the stolen iPhone.

Kate has now informed Disney Cruise Line and sent them copies of the photographs; she hopes to get her iPhone returned and maybe some free passes to Disneyland too.

Source: Facebook via Cult of Mac