Regarding all those iPhone on T-Mobile US stories clogging the interwebs lately: that's all they are -- stories. No leaked carrier roadmaps, no Cupertino commuters logging into popular Twitter apps via a T-Mobile IP. No Steven P. Jobs standing on a stage, announcing the CEO of T-Mobile, and a new, magenta (TM) iPhone.

It's just an analyst who thinks AT&T will someday lose exclusivity and Verizon is all Droid'ed up now, and T-Mobile is GSM like the iPhone (though not on the same 3G frequencies -- d'oh!), so why not?

We know some of you already use an unlocked iPhone on T-Mobile's 2.5G/EDGE network. We know a lot of you would like an alternative to AT&T.

But there's no more to the story than that for now. In fact, there's less.

[Still, many thanks to everyone who sent every version our way!]