Mplayit is digging through more of their usage data and interesting things are being turned up. Here's the take away this time around:

  • On average, across all device platforms approximately 35 percent of users are interested in paid applications.
  • More than half of the most popular apps on Mplayit's iPhone (Arcade or platform) are paid, 57 percent, compared to 33 percent on BlackBerry and 16 percent on Android.
  • BlackBerry users are willing to pay the biggest premium for apps, with a median price point of $5.99, compared to $2.72 on Android and $1.99 on iPhone.

Says Michael Powers, Mplayit CEO:

“Our analysis dispels the myth that consumers aren’t willing to shell out money for great mobile applications. If you’re making a quality app, don’t be afraid to charge for it.”

Bravo, and something TiPb hopes more developers start taking more seriously -- we want you to have sustainable businesses so we get great apps not just now but into the future.

Another interesting metric that should surprise no one -- games are still growing in popularity and share on the iPhone. 68% by Mplayit's measure in March, up from 61% in February. No one else comes close in gaming yet, which is probably what worries Nintendo and Sony as much as Google and Microsoft...