So we know that jailbreaking 1.1.3 is possible (but a bit of a pain), but now we're also hearing that the pain doesn't necessarily stop once you've finished the jailbreak. Gizmodo is reporting on various issues including the breakage of Google Location and of various native apps. The latter isn't too surprising, as there are lots of internal changes in 1.1.3 that seem to be getting the iPhone ready for official apps. How's that? Well most applications don't run as root and there's even a hidden application key that programs will need to run. (That last means that hackers might someday be able to provide native apps without resorting it iTunes)

If all that doesn't scare you and you haven't updated to 1.1.3 yet, a couple of 13-year-olds have released an over-the-air solution for you over at http://ijailbreak.com/. 1.1.3 folks will need to downgrade to take advantage of it, though.

Sadly,the issues don't appear to be limited to just people who are hacking away at their iPhones. Folks are noticing that 1.1.3 seems to be dropping calls and handing Bluetooth poorly (though there are some ugly fixes for that).

You? How's 1.1.3 been treating ya?