After all the persistent questions about whether or not the BlackBerry Bold's improved browser could compete with the iPhone, our friend CrackBerry Kevin decided to try to provide the definitive, final smackdown.

Go on and read the entire saga, but take heed, it's not a pretty sight. Under ideal conditions, the Bold comes this close to competing with the iPhone on speed. Those idea conditions: 3G, Javascript off, strong signal, fresh reset, and WiFi off. Wait -- WiFi off? That's right, Kevin has two BlackBerry Bolds and both of them are five different kinds of screwed up -- they fail with Javascript off, they fail with WiFi entirely. Now -- not everybody is reporting the same hassles, but it's starting to look like it's a pretty serious problem.

The Javascript issue is very interesting, by the by. The iPhone defaults to leaving it on. One could argue that Javascript support helps make the iPhone able to browse the "Real Internet," but one would be wrong about what makes up the "Real Internet". The Bold, however, defaults to leaving Javascript off, and given Kevin's results, it looks like a good thing they did.

What does this mean for iPhone users -- besides bragging rights? Well, actually, bragging rights are enough for us. But there's another tip you're definitely going to be interested in, iPhone faithful. Can you guess it? Rene will let you know what it is very shortly.