Here's the backstory to what you're looking at, above: Mobile Computing posted up a video showing that the iPhone 3G obliterated the BlackBerry Bold in a download & render test of web browsers (We just covered this, oh, hours ago). Fun stuff, except as our friends at CrackBerry noted (and MC added too) - it wasn't a fair fight. The Bold probably wasn't actually using WiFi and also most of the Bolds out there have pre-release ROMS on them, so the finals might be a stitch faster.

So a loyal CB reader pitched in and posted a video of the Bold loading the same page again, but this time actually using WiFi, it came in a little bit faster.

At TiPb, though, we figured it still looked slow. But since the Bold probably had a pre-release OS on it, we figured we'd hobble the iPhone 3G as well. So above, Loyal Moderator Bad Ash pits the BlackBerry Bold on WiFi against the iPhone 3G on EDGE.

Yeah, it's closer, but we're still ahead by 4 seconds or so. Tie the iPhone 3G's WiFi hand behind its back, fine. Tie it's 3G hand back there too, fine. The iPhone 3G still seems to win out -- and we look forward to being able to say that about the final Bold ROM too. Hey -- you guys still have (slightly) more reliable push email, so there's that.