The iPhone edged out the entirety of all Windows CE-based devices in web usage according to data provided by Market Share at The iPhone came in at #10 with 0.09%, whereas Windows CE weighed in at 0.06% for #11. You read that, Dieter? We're #10! We're #10! The iPod on their list, which I'm forced to assume is the iPod Touch, shows up at around 0.01%. We're #10 and #20! We're #10 and #20!

Of course, the list is dominated by the big desktop operating systems, but there are a few other interesting gems on the list: The Sidekick / Hiptop shows up at #13 with 0.02%, and Nokia's S60 Symbian OS shows up at #14 with 0.01%. The PSP just edges out the iPod Touch for #19 at 0.01%, and what appears to be a mobile version of Apple's WebCore shows up again at #24 with 0.00% -- possibly one of Nokia's internet tablet devices.