Jamie Lendino of PC Mag logs his thoughts on how iPhone might be the catalyst that brings about the demise of what we know as the "Mobile internet". I thought WAP was already dead? Not dead perhaps, but its zombified corpse crawls upon the ground, with flies and maggots feeding upon its rotting flesh.

The assertion in this story is that, unlike browsers found on Smartphones and feature phones, Safari renders real webpages like the desktop browser that it is, not the pipsqueak micro webpages you get on those other devices. Ergo, iPhone makes all that irrelevant.

Could iPhone spell doom for the Mobile web? Not by itself. OSX, the brains beneath iPhone's glossy veneer, is without a doubt a glimpse of things to come on mobile devices. But until desktop class operating become the norm on handsets, WAP or Mobile websites will be around for a long time to come.

Likewise until 3G becomes the norm, there is something to be said for lightweight webpages that download quickly and deliver basic content scaled to low resolution mobile displays.

Death will come, but it will come slowly.