Those hacking hoodlums at iPhoneSIMfree are teasing us with the promise of a soon to be released unlock solution, no later than Friday. In the meantime they are wetting our appetites with a nice little FAQ answering many of our gripping questions, like...is it future-proof (yes)...if I do a backup restore will it still work (yes)...will it work on any GSM network (yes)...can the iPhone be unlocked prior to AT&T activation (yes)...Will it help me get laid? (yes, wait..what?)

Now before any of you moisten your trousers, this unlock software will not be released freely. According the FAQ an undetermined cover charge will be imposed for this service, eventually. But hey, if you can afford an iPhone, you're already in the hole for $600 - what's another $20 or so?

So read the FAQ and wait for the hack. Coming!

Note This kid shops at The GAP...I have a shirt just like that.