iPhoto for iOS ditches Google Maps display tiles, uses custom tiles based on OpenStreetMaps

It looks like Apple's new iPhoto for iOS app isn't pulling data from the tradition source, Google Maps, but is using custom Apple made tiles informed by OpenStreetMaps. 512 Pixels' Stephen Hackett noticed the difference almost immediately, as did The Next Web's Matthew Panzarino. OpenStreetMap later confirmed it on their own blog:

Yesterday Apple launched iPhoto, its photo management app, for the iPad and iPhone… and we’re rather pleased to find they’re the latest to switch to OpenStreetMap. [...] The new iPhoto for iOS, however, uses Apple’s own map tiles – made from OpenStreetMap data (outside the US).

The OSM data that Apple is using is rather old (start of April 2010) so don’t expect to see your latest and greatest updates on there. It’s also missing the necessary credit to OpenStreetMap’s contributors; we look forward to working with Apple to get that on there.

Given the strains in the Apple/Google relationship as of late, it's really shocking to see them putting something like this together.

Apple has also acquired numerous mapping solution companies such as PlaceBase, Google Earth competitor Poly9 along with a 3D mapping company called C3 Technologies, so it's not hard to imagine we'll see more custom maps from Apple in the future.

Source: 512 Pixels, TNW, OpenStreetMap