If you tuned into the iMore show last night, we covered the Apple Holiday gift guide but when it came to the topic of iPods we found some of them still had a place in the world. Some, like the iPod Touch were easy recommendations while others, like the iPod Classic we had a tough time suggesting.

Looking back on it, it reminds me of a thread I came across the iMore Forums asking a similar question but placing the whole iPod category itself at the center with the question being, is the iPod a dying product?

Yes, but I don't see it dying completely, at least for a while yet.kona314, iMore Forums Member

Looking through the forum thread it seems most people came to the conclusion we did on the iMore show. That the iPod Touch is a nice, easy and cost effective way to enter into the Apple ecosystem but when it comes to devices like the Nano, Shuffle and Classic their time is almost up.

The touch will probably stick around since it's an iOS device and is a gateway to the rest of that product family.BlackBerry Guy, iMore Forums Member

With that though, there's a lot of folks out there who think the Nano and Shuffle still have plenty of life left them and will keep on going for quite some time yet based on the fact that there will always be a demand for small, easy to use music players that can just be tossed around without much worry.

I don't think it will die out. Evolve yes. The need of a small device capable of music I think it is great. Small enough to keep with you doing physical activities.freeyo, iMore Forums Member

After all, not everyone wants to spend $200 just to listen to music and there's no reason Apple should give up a market they basically helped define. What do you folks think? Will we soon see the Shuffle's, Nano's and Classics retired? What about the iPod Touch, how much life does it have left in it? Sound off in the iMore Forums or in the comments below.