Given that Apple has released a new iPod touch every fall, every year, since the iPhone launched in 2007 it's not hard to speculate that yes, indeed, they just might announced the 4th generation iPod touch this year at their annual iTunes/iPod Special Music Event.

Likewise, iPod touch G4 will get it's traditional iPhone-matching hardware update. This year that could include a Retina Display, Apple A4 chipset, 802.11n Wi-Fi, gyroscope, and maybe even that long awaited camera -- including a front-facing one to help make up those 10 million FaceTime devices Steve Jobs said Apple would ship this year.

Previous years the iPod touch update has even exceeded iPhone in some ways, with slightly faster clock speed on the chip and double the NAND Flash storage (since there's extra space thanks to the missing GSM/UMTS radios). iPod touch is already at 64GB. Depending on pricing and availability of the newer, double density chips, we could even see 128GB. (So long, iPod classic?)

With iPhone 4 being as thin as it is, and iPod touch typically being thinner still, the design is something I'm looking forward to this year as well.

As attention inevitably turns to "what's next", we'll get the usually bunch of retailer and analyst predictions, component and accessory leaks, and maybe an early peek at the device itself. We'll cover the most interesting, most substantial items as they come up but always remember -- it ain't real until Steve Jobs holds it up on stage.

Until then, let us know what you want in the 2010 iPod touch G4.