Parenting can be an unwelcome distraction from the things you enjoy most in life...such as your iPhone. Now you can spend even more recreation with your precious gadget by turning your kid's chest into a giant home screen, complete with icons. iPodMyBaby will attire your child in iPhone lust for just $17.95. These adorable Baby jumpers serve a dual purpose; controlling your childs potty habits and showing the world who you really love most...your iPhone.

Like the real thing, each icon performs a specific function. Bodily functions in this case. Make junior eat, poop, sleep, urinate, and other fun filled activities with just one touch. Create clever combo functions, like dance-poop, eat-nap, and my all time favorite; hug-pee. Spend hours recklessly controlling your child until Child Protective Services finally intervenes to free him from tyrannical grasp.

Hello, CPS? Daddy needs a timeout.