ipswDownloader is a shining example of a great utility that allows jailbreakers to download firmware (.ipsw) files easily and quickly. On top of that, it also tells you what jailbreak utility you should use in order to jailbreak (and/or unlock) your device. This is especially convenient if you're using something like PwnageTool that requires you to have an ipsw file in order to create a custom firmware bundle. This is highly common among unlockers.

This can be great for beginner jailbreakers that may feel a bit overwhelmed by the amount of jailbreak tools available. "What jailbreak utility do I need to use?" is probably the number one question we get asked here at TiPb. I really think this tool will come in handy for anyone from beginners to advanced users that really just want an easy and convenient way to download firmware files. Hit the jump for a download link and a quick walk-through.

Download openIPSW

ipswDownloader (Mac only as of now) - Download Link

Choose your device and firmware

Simply choose your device and your current firmware version. ipswDownloader will quickly tell you if you can jailbreak, what tool you can use, and whether or not you can unlock. You'll also see a download button in the bottom right hand corner. Click that if you'd like to download a copy of your firmware file to your computer. Choose your save location and you're good to go!

Let us know in the comments if any of you plan on using ipswDownloader!

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