iPulse 3 for Mac arrives ready for OS X El Capitan

iPulse 3, a utility that monitors various systems on your Mac, is now available on the Mac App Store. The this new version of the utility is compatible with OS X El Capitan, and works with OS X's new System Integrity Protection, which uses your Mac's resources efficiently and securely.

iPulse 3 displays a multicolor dial graphic, with each color and section of the dial representing a different system on your Mac, like memory or CPU usage. Here's a list of what iPulse monitors:

  • CPU activity
  • System load over time
  • Network bandwidth and activity
  • Memory activity and usage
  • Battery & wireless signal strength
  • Disk usage
  • Current time and date

You can change the look of the dial if you want, and more looks are available from iPulse's developers at The Iconfactory. iPulse 3 is also Retina display-ready

You can grab iPulse 3 right now from the Mac App Store.

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