If you're making music on an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, have a look at IK Multimedia's new iRing. It's a gadget you slip on your finger that tracks motion. You use it to control music apps with hand gestures. It costs $24.99.

This isn't a ring you wear on your finger. It actually goes between your fingers. It's double-sided, too. One side is printed with a pattern of three dots, and the other side has a triangular pattern of three dots.

In conjunction with the FaceTime camera on your device, apps designed to support iRing help determine the position of the ring in space. The apps track your movement. IK Multimedia says a single user can use two rings simultaneously.

A free app has been developed for use with the iRing - iRing Music Maker. It's a "groove and dance music machine" app that lets you create music by assembling loops, adding effects and synth patterns using the iRing.

IK Multimedia also has a software development kit and a free licensing program for developers who want to incorporate iRing support into their own app.

$24.99 - Buy now

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