The brain trust of Burton Group put their heads together to debate iPhone's viability as a component to corporate mobile computing. In a media briefing titled iPhone for the Enterprise - you'd think a firm with such smart people would come up with more creative names for these events, Burton concluded iPhone isn't quite ready, but holds a world of opportunity and untapped potential. Thank God for Burton's timely, hard hitting, analysis. I'm sure CTOs in every fortune 500 had thousands of pending iPhone orders.

Citing issues such as lacking features, missing manageability for large enterprise needs, and no built-in foot massager, as reasons why iPhone won't be wearing pinstriped suits, Burton later goes on to concede that iPhone is in fact a consumer device, not targeted at enterprise customers. Uh...ok, so why the hell did you guys hold this briefing? For ten minutes and $25 I could have presented the same conclusion in a single paragraph.

Next week the Wharton School of Business will be holding a roundtable discussion questioning the viability of Pink Tutus in the workplace, titled Ballet Attire, the New Business Casual?.