This story is so disturbing it simply MUST be true. A reader sent me his personal story of what lengths (excuse the pun) he went through to get an 8GB iPhone. There are many things I would do for an insanely great Apple product...this is not among them.

Nuts and bolts (okay just nuts) of getting an iPhone... I openly admit to being an Apple Fanboy to the extreme. In fact, my wife had me agree to an annual budget for all of my electronic purchases...then came the iPhone announcement in January. I was smitten. Problem: my budget is already spent, my Sprint contract was in force through December. My loving wife agreed to let me get the iPhone (and not have the cost deducted from my "toy" budget) if I would wait until the Sprint contract expired. The iPhone goes on sale..... On a road trip with my kids (wife was at home with baby) I arrived at 10:50 pm in Boise. Next door (okay I had to drive around a bit) to the hotel was an AT&T store. I went in to just take a peek at the Jesus Phone...needless to say, I left the store with a brand new 4GB iPhone. I callled my wife with good news and bad news. Good: We arrived in Boise safely. Bad: I bought an iPhone. The very next morning I returned the iPhone. I was angry, depressed, get the point. My wife joined me in Denver the next day...but I was reluctant to even speak with her (you know, pouting). Noticing my sadness (obsession) she inquired "How badly do you want the phone?". I let her know that I wanted it very, very badly. She asked me if I'd be willing to finally make that appointment for a vasectomy? I absolutely love my new 8GB iPhone.