iStat Menus gets updated with Mavericks fixes, new Mac support, more

One of my favorite OS X utilites, Bjango's iStat Menus, has been updated with improved Mavericks support, support for new Mac models and other changes.

iStat Menus embeds a menu item on your Mac that provides you with extensive, customizable details about the operation of your computer - how much memory and hard disk space is being used, how network traffic is utilized, the temperature of individual components on your Mac's motherboard, speed of the fans, and lots of other details - most available at a glance in easy-to-understand graphs that can be nested hierarchically off a single, unobtrusive menu item.

Here's the complete list of changes in 4.1:

  • Improved Mavericks support.
  • Added support for late 2013 iMacs.
  • Added support for late 2013 MacBook Pros.
  • Fixed an issue with menubar bandwidth being incorrect when connected to a VPN.
  • Fixed link to Network Utility in Mavericks.
  • Fixed a calendar display bug.
  • Fixed an issue with IP Addresses not being updated.
  • Improved support for FireWire disks.