AppleInsider is claiming "people familiar with the device" as saying Apple's upcoming iTablet/iSlate/iPad will have a physical design reminiscent of the original iPhone 2G launched in 2007:

Nestled in an aluminum shell that leverages the Apple's expertise in unibody construction but thinner proportionality than the original iPhone, the tablet reportedly sports all of the same buttons found on the handset, right down to its iconic home button -- which, like the volume toggle, is missing from the rendering.

Similarly, the tablet is said to sport all the same in/out connectivity as the current iPhone 3GS, including a 3.5-mm stereo headphone jack, built-in speaker grills, a microphone, GPS, 3G connectivity and a 30-pin dock connector. Like the rendering, its 10-inch display is framed by a black border that bleeds into its wrap-around aluminum enclosure.

The above conceptual rendering from is said to be close, though lacking the home button and other details. Apple being Apple, they'll likely want to maintain visual ties between their iPhone, MacBook Pro, and iMac lines, and that means blacks, aluminums, and glass, so this doesn't sound at all far fetched.

AppleInsider is also hearing there may be a CDMA-compatible (read: Verizon-friendly) chipset version, but don't know if it'll make it into the final product.

Meanwhile, 9to5mac picked up a DigiTimes story that hints Apple's new smart, long-lasting MacBook battery technology will be found in the iTablet as well:

Taiwan-based [MacBook battery suppliers] Simplo Technology and Dynapack International Technology are expected to share orders from Apple for its tablet PC, according to a Chinese-language Commercial Times report.

Again, not far fetched at all. Apple leverages their technologies across their product lines, and that's one of the keys to both their hardware and platform models.