Going all Mentalist on Apple's Jan. 27 "Come see our latest creation" invitee list has led to conjecture that gaming will be shown off for the iTablet/iSlate, but that perhaps the hardware itself will be US-only at launch.

Gizmodo says Apple invited their gaming-focused sibling site, Kotaku to the party, they may have graphics on the card:

Because the tablet's not a phone, both in terms of computing capability and input mechanics, people are going to be expecting more from its performance. Especially in the gaming realm, which Apple has been pushing hard in their ads for the iPod Touch and iPhone. If the guess that Apple will include iPhone App Store support on the tablet is true, it'll at least enough graphical capability to run those games.

9to5mac, meanwhile, speculates that Apple is not holding a simultaneous European media event because, just like the iPod and iPhone before it, the iTablet might be US-only on launch day:

If content and carrier deals form some kind of road block here, then global launch could take time - consider the speed of multiplication of content-selling iTunes Stores as an intimation of such possibility (though Apple now has content connections in most key territories, so the wait might not be so extended).

They hedge by saying some European media are being flown to the US event, but getting e-book deals in the US will be one thing, getting them signed and sealed across even a small group of countries by launch -- given the disgusting and disgraceful mess that's international media licensing -- could be beyond even Apple.

And hey, TiPb hasn't gotten an invite (yet!) but we're betting that's just because we're us, and Apple will indeed give iPhone 4.0 some love on Jan. 27.

But why should all this conjecture be theirs and ours alone -- what do you think?