Where there's this many iTablet rumors, there just has to be an actual product Steve Jobs is finally happy with and will be unveiling to the world at a special Apple event in early 2010, right?

That's what Apple Insider is reporting. The gist is as follows:

  • 10", 3G networked device similar to "a jumbo iPod touch"
  • Guided by Steve Jobs from hospital, home, and work
  • Culmination of at least 6 previous prototypes Jobs vetoed
  • Will launch in first quarter of 2010
  • Verizon may be the carrier
  • Delays caused by lack of satisfaction over Intel Atom power consumption
  • Hence Apple bought PA Semi to build in-house, custom chipset based on ARM

Check out the full article, linked above, for more.

Still and all, even if this is real, Bill Gates has been trying to push the tablet concept for almost a decade with little or no mass market acceptance. Can Apple work another product category miracle, doing for the tablet and e-book form factor what they've done for the MP3 player and smartphone?

Can Apple take the tablet from geek niche to consumer necessity? Or is this doomed to Apple TV "hobby" status from the get go?

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