Mac Touch Concept Rendering

Rumors about the iTablet, the still mythical Apple media/web pad, are just growing stronger and yes, it does remind us of the heady days before the iPhone announcement. But just like the iPhone wasn't a click wheel iPod with a phone dialer bolted on, the iTablet -- if and when it ever ships -- may not just be an iPod touch on hulk serum.

TiPb takes a look, and runs some polls, after the break!

We already asked you your thoughts on the iTablet and Verizon, so now let's look at the possible shipping date.

Rumors seem evenly split between a September and a January release. September would coincide with Apple's traditional iPod (and now iPod touch) event and allow for the typically monstrous holiday sales cycle -- though it might cut into that same monstrous cycle at the expense of the iPod touch. January would be the old Macworld slot, where Apple previously introduced the iPhone in 2007. TiPb sees January as more likely, especially if Apple wants developers to have time post-announcement, pre-release to ramp up third-party software. What do you think?

Next, the OS. There's seems to be 3 major options: Mac OS X, iPhone OS X, or a new Tablet OS X. Mac OS X is the dream option but if Apple goes that way, with a touchscreen tablet, people are going to want to install Photoshop which means it needs a fast processor, lots of room for RAM, and beefy storage as in 64MB+ of solid state. That equals a beefy, MacBook Air style price tag, not the $800 we've heard rumored. iPhone OS X is an option, with an expanded SDK and/or the ability to run iPhone apps as widgets on a bigger screen, but would it truly be able to leverage the potential of a tablet-sized device? Lastly, a custom, in-between Tablet OS X is always possible, but it means a 3rd platform for Apple to maintain and all the overhead that goes with it. Any guesses?