iTranslate adds a keyboard extension to bring its linguistic prowess to other apps

iTranslate for iPhone and iPad has been updated to spread its translation prowess across iOS with its new keyboard extension. With the iTranslate keyboard, you'll no longer need to open the app itself if you want your text translated. This update also adds a Glance for the app on the Apple Watch.

Using the iTranslate keyboard extension is fairly straightforward. When you bring it up, just type your message, then tap the arrow key at the top right of the keyboard to translate. To paste your translated text, tap the arrow again. Tap the flag icons on the keyboard's top left to pick which languages you'll be translating from and to.

iTranslate 8.4 also brings a Glance to the Apple Watch app, as well as some bug fixes.

You can grab the update from the App Store now.

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