Earlier this year we reviewed a promising runtime inspector for iOS apps called Reveal. While Reveal has been available as a beta for months, the makers, Itty Bitty Apps, have now released a complete version 1.0 of the app.

Reveal offers developers the ability to see their applications' view hierarchy in an exploded 3D model. This allows a unique look at how elements in an app are being laid out and rendered, and can make it much quicker to spot the cause of bugs. Reveal also gives the ability to make minor tweaks to an application while running so you can test out small changes without needing to recompile.

A number of notable features have been added to Reveal since we reviewed it earlier this year including ARM64 support, ability to view and change the font of UILabels and UITextFields, the ability to view system windows, property inspectors for various UI elements, and the ability to share screenshots.

Reveal is a tool geared toward professionals and it is priced as such, ranging from $59 for students and teachers, up to $179 for a commercial seat license. You can buy Reveal on the web, and developers looking to kick the tires first and take it for a test drive can download a 30-day free trial as well.

If and when you try Reveal out, let me know - how does it work for your apps?