iTunes 11.3 brings iTunes Extras to the Apple TV

Apple has released iTunes 11.3, bringing some improvements to iTunes Extras for HD movies. This biggest change is that you will no longer need to download iTunes Extras to your computer before using them. Along with the changes in iTunes, iTunes Extras are now available for the Apple TV. The lack of iTunes Extras support for Apple TV has been a sore spot for years, so it's great to finally see them making the jump out of iTunes. Additionally, when iOS 8 is released in the fall, iTunes Extras for movies will be supported on your mobile device too.

Apple says that the "new iTunes Extras" will be automatically downloaded to your previously purchased HD movies at no cost as they are released, so it might take a little while for your favorite movie.

iTunes Extras bring the sort of extra disc features that came in "special edition" packages from the store, including image galleries, commentaries, behind-the-scenes videos, and more. When you hit play on a movie with Extras on the Apple TV, you're now presented with the option to play the movie itself, or to jump into the Extras.

iTunes 11.3 is available as a free update through the Mac App Store. Take a look at the new iTunes Extras, let us know how it's working for you!