BGR reports a source saying Apple is readying iTunes 9, which will include support for visually organizing apps on the iPhone, and for playing back Blu-Ray media.

iPhone 1.1.3 introduced the ability to add icons (limited to WebClips at the time, expanded to native apps with iPhone 2.0), and to move them around by tapping and holding until they began to jiggle. While this works well enough for a few icons once and a while, it makes totally re-arranging the 11 home screens made available in iPhone 3.0 a tad laborious. Suggestions for, even concept videos of, adding a more robust solution via iTunes have been floating around the web for a while now and would be a welcome addition indeed.

Steve Jobs had famously called Blu-Ray a "bag of hurt" due to licensing, but changes in those licenses and perhaps Apple's priorities -- which previously seemed to want to promote their own download service over physical media -- could make it happen. Unless there's more expansive and integrated support for the "digital copy" feature as well -- where an iPhone/iPod version of the movie is included on the disk -- it's not really an iPhone friendly addition.

Also rumored were some kind of Twitter/Facebook/ social features.

Last year Apple debuted iTunes 8 at their annual iTunes and iPod music event in September (after it was heavily leaked by Kevin Rose). If there is an iTunes 9 on the roadmap, makes sense we'd see it this September along with the rumored iPod touch 3,1.

Anyone more interested in it now?