NiTunes in the Cloud downloads currently experiencing errors, Apple's working on a fix

We've gotten a bunch of emails and some tweets from readers experiencing problems trying to download content from iTunes in the Cloud -- Apple's service that lets you access previously purchased movies, TV shows, music, iBooks, and apps on iPhones, iPads, Apple TV, and iTunes on the desktop. According to Matthew Panzarino of The Next Web, Apple is aware of the problem and is working on a fix.

We contacted Apple Support on the phone and the support person acknowledged the issue, telling us that the first occurrence they had heard of the issue was about 3:30 PST, which is around when we first saw it as well. The support person said that the problem, as far as they know, has to do with the iTunes cloud or its servers and that there was currently no ETA for a fix.

According to Apple Discussions, the error message users are getting is along the lines of:

item cannot be downloaded on this network...must be connected to a wifi network or purchase on computer

Another tech support note pegs the problem as occurring on content over 15mb. Based on the emails we've received, people seem to be having the most problems with TV show re-downloads, and on the Apple TV in specific.

Since the problem sounds like it's on Apple's end, there nothing we can do but wait for them to get things running again. So as much as you may want to reboot, re-login, or keep hitting download just hoping the next time will be the charm, take a deep breath, play something else, and keep an eye out for updates.

If you're currently experiencing a problem with iTunes in the Clouds re-downloads or streams, let us know what type of media you're trying to re-download, and when. If it starts working for you again, let us know that as well.

Source: The Next Web, thanks @mjperljam