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Hell freezes over (again): iTunes coming to Windows Store

In a brief and, frankly, exceedingly unexpected announcement during its day two Build 2017 keynote, Microsoft announced that iTunes is coming to the Windows Store. That means anyone who buys a Windows 10 S PC, which is restricted to running apps from the Windows Store, will still be able to access Apple's full iTunes experience.

The announcement follows news from the Windows 10 S launch that Spotify will be making its way to the Windows Store as well via the Desktop Bridge. Microsoft was sure to clarify that the full iTunes experience will be available, including Apple Music streaming and iPhone syncing.

While this might not be a big deal to hardcore Microsoft followers, both Spotify and iTunes on the Windows Store are likely a pretty big deal for attracting Microsoft's target audience with Windows 10 S: Students.

  • Oh, it's a big deal. Lack of things like iTunes is what killed Windows RT. Now we just need Chrome.
  • The real announcement should have been, iTunes will no longer be a resource leech.
  • Exactly this. I uninstalled iTunes from my pc several days ago after moving my music library to Google Play. My pc hasn't run this good in several years.
  • That would be **** freezing over.
  • How bout dem....Apples