Although Apple forces you to get your iPhone activated in-store before you walk out the door, that may not mean that people are going to have a trouble-free syncing experience today. To wit: the error message above is the best I can get when I plug my iPhone 3G into my Mac. Apparently iTunes wants to double-check that my iPhone really is what it's supposed to be. With the presumably massive number of people getting iPhone 3Gs today, iTunes is not handling the load so well.

The store itself is up, but I find it aggravating in the extreme that I can't sync over any of my apps or media without this initial call-in to the Apple mothership. Thank god Mobile Me is working for me, otherwise I wouldn't even have contacts on my iPhone.

Update: Rene just called in to say that all of Rogers in Canada is basically down an unable to activate iPhones, so he's just sitting pretty in the store until things clear up. Let us know -- any delays at AT&T or Apple stores when trying to activate?

...Speaking of downtime: yeah, we know, TiPb is not performing up to spec lately. We're upgrading servers over the weekend (we hope) to bring it back up to acceptable levels. Pardon our 503s.