iTunes Movie Trailers app updated with video quality selection and Fandango ticket purchasing

Apple’s iTunes Movie Trailers app for iPhone and iPad has been updated with the ability to switch between standard and high definition video during playback, while also adding the ability to purchase tickets through the Fandango app.

Users will now see a small icon on the left-hand side of the playback controls, which, when tapped, allows users to change the video quality they see. This allows users with lower-resolution devices to watch trailers more quickly, without having to wait for a larger video to load. Speaking of loading, Apple has made some speed improvements to the app, with trailers now taking less time to start playing.

The In Theaters section of the app now includes the ability to redirect users to the Fandango app in order to purchase movie tickets. While the app has long included movie showtimes for local theaters, this update takes that one step further. In the timeline display, find the correct showtime for you movie and tap the corresponding blue dot to make the “Get Tickets” button popup. Tap the button to be redirected to the Fandango app’s ticket purchasing screen for that movie at that time.

The update is currently available on the App Store, so go get it and tell us what you think.

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